Announcing the release of The Forms' Derealization AND Icarus on a 12" gatefold. It includes a poster as well for only $18! We'll take ten. They are available now.

First Nature : self-titled Imagine how awesome it would be if Tom Petty and Arthur Russell were in a band together. Listen... more
The Forms : Derealization After receiving a vinyl of the self-titled EP, the Forms dropped the needle on the 33 and, to... more
The Forms : self-titled "Making this album was a pretty painful process," admits Forms frontman Alex Tween when asked... more
The Forms : Forms Logo Shirt These are American Apparel shirts, and look really good! The magenta ink on the black shirt is darker -- it looks more like purple.
Acquaman : Ice / Formation Of Waters Choregrapher Spela Sterle asked Acquaman of the Forms... more
The Desert Fathers : Spirituality "I don't care who you are, These guys are just plain messed up. Distorted spirituality,... more
By Symmetry : Math Of Birds By Symmetry existed from 1996-1999, the product of which was the Math of Birds EP, described by... more
The Forms : Icarus "The Forms craft wiry, punchy indie pop. The singer's silvery voice soars like the album's... more
Per Malloch : Per Malloch Non-Fiction Nobody saw things the way Per did.

This is a post-humous collection of Per's writing that... more

Per Malloch : Short Stories Per Malloch [1978-2000]

Would Per Malloch have become one of the world's... more

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